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Dundee – the SNP’s sold out City

12 February 2016

I have no doubt that Ken Guild, SNP Leader of Dundee City Council will have sent John Swinney a letter selling out Dundee when he agrees to Mr Swinney’s demands that will see over £23m worth of cuts to jobs and services delivered to Dundee.
In addition to the budget cuts, Ken will also be agreeing to accept a series of financial sanctions.
These sanctions hold an enormous financial penalty that would outweigh the City’s uncommitted reserves should the Administration default.
Given the Administration’s track record on teacher numbers, even Ken should never agree to the sanctions that are to be imposed.
Whilst the SNP in Dundee remain tight-lipped, others like the SNP Group Leader on Edinburgh City Council have been openly critical of the Scottish Government as he fears for jobs and services in the capital City.
The Administration continues to deliver their bad news in instalments and I believe that the City should brace itself for the next £9.9m still to be announced.
The SNP continue with their cuts knowing that there is an alternative path.
These are down to political choices and it just happens that these political choices are particularly bad for Dundee at this time.
These budget cuts come at a time when the Scottish Government received additional funds from Westminster, yet still seen fit to cut the City’s budget by a huge amount.
No doubt they are holding back to deliver on Ministerial vanity projects given that we have a forthcoming election.